Motion Capture setup is successfully installed and ready to use in CoE, the world’s biggest facility, created by ABAI and supported by GoK & is brought to India from UK based Vicon systems.

VICON Motion Capture System

Motion Capture (MoCap) is the process of recording the movements of objects or people. The technology originated in the life science market for gait analysis but is now used widely by VFX studios, sports therapists, neuroscientists and for validation and control of computer vision and robotics.

We have Optical Motion Capture system with necessary control room and a support infrastructure with studio space. We have the Vicon Gold Class Set-up from UK which has won an Academy- Award, an Emmy and several Queen’s Awards for Export & Innovation to name a few.  Vicon have set a new Guinness book record for the most number of people captured in real-time.

The Camera model is Vicon Vantage V16.

The Strobe Rate of  IR on camera is IR 850 nm

The Max Frame Rate is 120 @ 16MP and

The Shutter Type is Global

A Vicon Vantage system is a suite of networked Vantage and/or Vicon Bonita Optical motion capture cameras, hardware devices (such as Bonita Video cameras, and Vicon Lock+ for synchronization of third-party devices), and software applications, which provide real-time and offline digital-optical motion capture data. The motion capture data can be applied to life sciences, animation, and engineering applications.

Vicon Vantage systems are flexible, expandable, and easy to integrate into your working environment. You can combine Vantage motion capture cameras with supported third-party devices (such as force plates, EMG, analog HD- and SD[1]compliant external video for genlocking and associated timecode sources) to create a system that meets your application requirements. This modular approach enables you to expand your Vicon Vantage system as needed.

Motion capture data from the Vicon Vantage cameras (V16, V8, and V5), Bonita Optical cameras, and the associated data from an optional Lock+ unit, connects through PoE+ switches to a Vantage host PC, which runs the required Vicon application software. Other third-party devices such as digital force plates, can connect directly to the host PC.

The major components of a Vicon Vantage motion capture system are:

  • Vicon Vantage motion capture cameras
  • Vicon Vantage networking PoE+ switches, which provide the power source and connectivity.
  • Vicon Vantage software to control the cameras, analyze and present the data
  • Vicon Vantage host PC to run the software

A Vantage system also includes Vicon Vantage cables to connect the hardware devices, a Vantage calibration device (a Vicon Active Wand), and Vicon Vantage accessories.

You may also choose to include Bonita Video cameras; and, to support third[1]

party devices such as force plates and accelerometers, a Vicon Lock+ (optional) for third-party devices. If your system requires multiple PoE+ switches (for example, if you need more than 12 Vicon Vantage cameras), it will also include a non-powered Gigabit switch.

In each Vantage system, one Vicon Vantage master synchronization device provides synchronization to the rest of the system.

Vicon Vantage host PC

The Vicon Vantage host PC runs the Vicon motion capture software that analyzes and presents the data captured by the Vantage cameras.

This computer contains a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet port to enable the

Vantage system to communicate with the installed Vicon application software.

This port is in addition to any other network ports on the PC, for connecting it to the rest of your network. Any Vicon motion capture and analysis software to be used with a

Vicon Vantage system is installed on this Vicon Vantage host PC.

Vicon Vantage software

Vicon Vantage supports the following versions of Vicon motion capture software for animation, life sciences, and engineering applications:

  • Blade 3.2 and later
  • Nexus 2.2 and later
  • Tracker 3.1 and later

Vicon Vantage cables

A combination of proprietary Vicon and commercially available cables is used to connect hardware devices in a Vicon Vantage system.

Vicon Vantage calibration device

A Vicon proprietary calibration device is used to calibrate Vicon Vantage systems.

Vicon Vantage accessories

Motion capture accessories such as Vicon retroreflective markers, marker[1] fixing tape, Micropore and Gaffer tape, and Velcro are available.

 Vicon Lock+ (optional) for third-party devices

With the addition of a Vicon Lock+ unit to your Vicon Vantage system, you can directly include the following third-party devices:

  • External analog peripheral devices, such as force plates, electromyography (EMG) equipment, and accelerometers
  • External devices that require synchronization at a frequency that is related to the motion capture frame rate and/or a device that needs to know when a capture occurs
  • External devices that need to start and stop the capture event, (Remote Start and Stop)
  • External analog SD and HD broadcast composite video devices to which the Vicon Vantage system must synchronize
  • External analog broadcast timecode devices for triggering capture and time-stamping captured data in accordance with LTC and VITC standards
  • External VESA Stereo devices to which the Vicon Vantage system must synchronize

Our Vicon system specializes in developing accessible motion capture technology that delivers the most precise, reliable data in any movement analysis application.